Happy birthday to me

Opening up our accounts turned out to be pretty easy. Not as easy as picking up the cedulas though – that took all of five minutes. Much faster than the 2 hours it took for us to apply.

So my birthday was on Thursday. A group of us went out for dinner, which was very good. Yesterday (Friday) was a horribly long day, and it will be for the rest of the year. 6:45 is a ridiculous time to start school, I can’t imagine how they expect the kids to function properly at that time. We went out for dinner last night to a sushi place and Alan and I split the Osaki Boat – an enormous tray of sushi that was fantastic. GREAT food here, have I mentioned?

Today we went up to EXITO, which is basically Bogota’s version of Wal-Mart. I picked up an egg-crate/carton/whatever it’s called padding for my bed, which was WAY too hard after spending most of the last 9 years on a futon. Now it’s very comfortable – full night sleeps from now on!

To top the day off, James had a little party at his new place which has an incredible view of the city – this place is absolutely enormous. Food, drinks, dancing – good time had by all :)


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  1. the almighty one (brad)

    Actually, the Asian community here in Colombia seems to consist solely of my friend Alan (and possibly some people who work at that restaurant, I’m not positive). Us blue-eyed freaks aren’t the only ones who get stared at :)

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