Monthly Archives: March 2004

Hurry up and wait

Holy crap, hurry up and wait! It took forever to put in my passport application today. Apparently it wasn’t nearly as bad as normal though – I couldn’t imagine. I picked up the application and then had my pictures taken. THAT was odd – apparently we’re not allowed to smile for passport photos anymore. It turns out they’re planning on implementing visual identification software in the future that relies on recognizing facial features sometime in the future – and any kind of expression on your face messes it up. Sounds like it’s REALLY reliable, no?

With that done, I went to see Mo to get her to be my guarantor (always nice having lawyers as friends). Then I headed back and spent 2 hours sitting around reading Scientific American. It took all of 5 minutes for me to actually go through the process. I didn’t even have to do anything – really, it was a waste of time being there. But, if I’d just mailed it in it would’ve taken much much longer to get the passport in. It should only take 2 weeks (10 working days); we’ll see. The sooner the better – I want to get the info into Colombia as soon as possible.

Oh yeah – Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

I have a contract

Well, I got my contract in today. I received a parcel that was couriered to me this afternoon from Colombia. When I opened it, I was a bit worried – it looked like it was all in Spanish! Thankfully, it wasn’t ALL that way though, there was an English version in there as well. Good thing I didn’t have to translate it :) Now, I can’t do anything with this until I get my passport – that’s tomorrow. Off to Toronto!

I have a job, this is my story

Congratulations to me! As of today, I am an employee of Colegio Los Nogales in Bogota, Colombia! I’ve decided that I’m going to create a journal of everything that happens to me leading up to and during my trip down to Colombia. More details on what’s going on very, very soon…