Monthly Archives: June 2005

Home stretch

Almost done, boys and girls. Exams are going this week, remedials next two weeks (for which,  I’ll have no students – unfortunate how mediocrity is promoted here), and then it’s all over. Still hoping to hit the Amazon the first week of July, Alan sent me a link to a place that seems to have a really good deal for one – but I’m having a hell of a time creating an account with them, I’ve tried twice and an email was supposed to be sent to me “in a few minutes” – that was two days ago. I’m guessing it’s done manually and not automatically, which sucks. They need someone to program in an autoresponder.

New levels of suck

Alan, Sara and I went to a concert today at the salt cathedral in Zipaquira. All we knew ahead of time was that it was a joint effort between the Italian embassy and one of the universities – it sounded promising enough. And the salt cathedral seems to be a place where the acoustics would be great. Sadly, the acoustics WERE good – if only they hadn’t been, we might have enjoyed it more…

It turned out the music was “modern”, and by “modern” I mean “sucky”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to modern by any stretch – I love Philip Glass. But this…this was just awful. And it didn’t help that the musicians were terrible too. There was one song that was supposed to be solo voice but also had a trombone playing with it for some reason – I honestly could have played better when I was in high school band than this musician, he/she was terrible. But we had some good food for breakfast and lunch, so it wasn’t too bad a venture. Last time I try for any kind of concert here though, I’ve heard horror stories and now I’ve experienced it too – I think I’ll stick with the gringo pubs for the last few weeks :)