Monthly Archives: November 2004

Thanksgiving & Montserrat

Happy belated Turkey Sumo Day(???)! As most of you know, Thursady was Thanksgiving in the United States. How does our school decide to celebrate? With Turkey Sumo Wrestling! Students (and some teachers!) dressed up in a turkey outfit and battled it out sumo style, like with those huge bulky sumo outfits. It wasn’t quite as entertaining as if they had really been wearing sumo suits, but it was fun nonetheless. Made up (kind of) for not having turkey at our Thanksgiving feast at Zak’s place. Chicken parm was good though!

On Saturday, Robert, Megan, Barbie, Mary (Barbie’s friend from Fullbright) and I climbed Montserrat. Montserrat is a mountain with a church at the top in Bogota. It wasn’t an easy climb, but it only took us an hour to do it. Good warmup for Macchu Picchu in January!

Finally, a few of us went out on Saturday night to go see a local band called Mojarra Electrica. They were fantastic – neat blend of a few styles, with drums, guitars, clarinets and saxes, and a few vocalists. Very cool sound, I bought their CD. I may even put a song up on here as a sample so people can hear it. Let me know if you’re interested!

mmmmmmm, Osaki Boat

Back again! This past weekend went very well. Friday was Zak’s birthday, so it was off to Osaki (mmmmmm, Osaki Boat). I love sushi so much. Afterwards a few of us went out to Mr. Babilla’s, a bar in Zona Rosa. It’s a neat place – too many gringos though :)

Saturday was my night to be the consummate host. I had a dinner party at my place, made pad thai and thai mango salad (mmmmmm, thai food). Finished off the night with some of the Balvenie I picked up at the duty free on the way back from Panama (mmmmmm, Scotch). All in all, a nice little weekend – even if I did screw up and miss frisbee :P

And finally, as some of you may have noticed, I’ve added a message board to the menu on the left. I slaved over it for hours (well, slaved isn’t a good word, more like “installed someone else’s work”), so PLEASE check it out and leave me some messages. I’d love to hear from people!

Panama! Panama-a!

Panama! Panama-a! Van Halen fan, anyone? I spent last weekend (yet another puente, woohoo) in Panama City and the surrounding area. It was an expensive trip (my trip to Macchu Picchu in January will cost the same, and that’s for 7 days instead of 3), but it was SO worth it. I have some great pictures of the rainforest, the canal, and the Embera tribe – it was like living in National Geographic, good stuff. To find out more about the weekend, you’ll have to go to my Colombia page and check out each day – I separated it up so that there wouldn’t be too many pictures (or too long a description). Enjoy!

Finally, some ultimate action

My body hates me. But, it will learn to love me. Angela hooked me up with someone at her university who plays frisbee and is in her class last week, and I went out on Sunday to play with him and his team. We played for 4 hours, and after not playing for 3 months my body really didn’t enjoy it much. I hurt a LOT last night, today isn’t quite as bad – good sign, I think. Looks like I’m going to play with them in the national tournament in December the weekend before I go home too, which should be fantastic. I just need to get myself into game shape in a month – only playing 2 days a week. Could be difficult, but we’ll see. Yay frisbee!!!

A tienda, In Vitro, and Willie

Okay, time to get the angry thoughts off the page. Before the election was another puente for us (and we have another one next weekend, woohoo!), which meant it was time to have some fun.

On Friday, Robert, Megan and I met up at a tienda just around the corner from their place. A tienda is basically like a corner store with a liquor license – you can buy chips, pop, beer, whatever and sit around on plastic chairs inside the store and drink. Fun stuff! We had a couple of drinks, then headed off to dinner.

After dinner, we decided to go back to the tienda. They have a liquor down here called Aguar Diente that tastes similar to Zambucca but with a weaker taste to it. Pretty good stuff. We decided to get a 750 mL bottle of it, and Robert asked how much it was. The guy working the tables said 12,000 pesos (about $6.00 Canadian), so then Robert asked how much he charged Colombians. I thought he was going to wet himself. So, while he was laughing, Robert turned to the table next to us and asked the guy how much he would pay for the bottle – and the guy said 8 or 9,000 pesos. The owner was behind the counter, and he didn’t look happy. The rest of the tienda thought it was hilarious though, had everyone laughing. The table next to us ended up joining us, one of them spoke English all right, and we got a chance to practice our Spanish. That may have been the most fun I’ve had since I’ve gotten here, actually – go figure, we spent about $25 between the 3 of us and had a great time.

Saturday night Alan, Simon and I went to a club called In Vitro. On Wednesdays and Thursdays the place is packed with celebrities, but by the time Saturday rolls around it’s dead. And it was dead again this time. Simon has been offered a DJ job there, but it’s during the week so he didn’t take it – he may do the occasional weekend though, which could be fun. Gives us a reason to go down there :)

Sunday was the greatest holiday of the year, Halloween. Unfortunately, nobody I went out with was dressing up (at least, I didn’t THINK they were). Turned out Zak was dressing up as Willie Nelson. I really wasn’t going to go all out if nobody else was doing anything though, so I ended up not wearing a costume. A very sad day indeed. We had a pretty good night, Zak got plenty loaded and was very entertaining :)

And now for the future – we have another long weekend next weekend, so Alan, Barbie, James and I are heading up to Panama, woohoo! Should be very interesting, I’m looking forward to checking out the canal. I’ll update you on it when I get back!