Monthly Archives: May 2004

Tuned in

Well, I picked up an addition to my MP3 player – I got an FM transmitter for my car, now I can tune into a radio station and listen to the MP3 player. Pretty sweet :) I figure I can use it with a stereo when I’m down there instead of having to put all of the music onto CDs. Works great, perfect for the long weekend coming up. Later…

I have a home

I sent off an email to Catalina at Colegio Los Nogales with a few questions last week, and she got back to me sometime over the long weekend (looks like it was Monday). I wanted to get a few details from her, seeing as it’s only a little over 2 months to go before I head out.

It looks like I’ll be teaching Grade 8, which is the basically equivalent of Grade 9 science here in Canada. I may also be doing some Grade 9 biology – genetics, evolution, biodiversity. Fun stuff!

In terms of my accomodations, that’s not set in stone yet. It’ll be a fully furnished apartment though, so I don’t have to worry about things like furniture. I’ll have a TV, but apparently I would have to provide my own DVD player if I really wanted it (odd that that point was specifically made). If I have room, I may bring mine – it’s wide, but it’s very flat and would pack well into a suitcase. Hope there’s nobody reading this who would have access to my bags in the terminal :)

My flight has been booked for July 28th. There are other foreign teachers coming in, but it looks like I’m the only Canadian, eh. Guess I won’t be getting together with any of them early :) But, there’s a couple who are flying in the same day as I am, so that might make things easier.

That’s it for now, more as it comes in…

(PS For those of you living vicariously through me (Gerry!), I’ve belatedly added some postings below ;)