Monthly Archives: February 2005

I love you internets

So, here’s why I’m loving the internet. Jonas and Laura are living in Japan, they’ve been teaching there since April or May of last year (can’t remember exactly what month they went). They’ve recently gotten a new computer and finally have internet in their apartment – so they got a webcam and microphone and set up an MSN account. Yesterday I got to have a video conversation with them, it was very cool. There was a tiny bit of a delay (maybe a half second), but the picture and sound were crystal clear. Screw the phone, everyone needs this!

PS I’ve found a Flash-based image viewer to put on my website that’s very simple and very nice, I’m going to add it when I get a chance to – maybe this weekend. Very cool setup, very nice to use. I’ll let everyone know when it’s working!

Jeff & Tanya get hitched!

Well, I am now officially broke for pretty well the rest of the time I’m living down here. I just paid for a trip to the Galapagos over Semana de Sante (I think that’s spelled properly…) and it ain’t cheap. However, it will DEFINITELY be worth it! Just a little over a month, I can’t wait!

As for the wedding last weekend – fantastic. I had a great time back in Brampton and Guelph, it was nice to see everyone. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to spend enough time in Guelph to see everyone I wanted to see, I guess that’ll have to wait until the next time I’m there. Maybe for a frisbee tournament this summer, who knows.

Jeff and Tanya’s wedding was a great time. Unfortunately, all the pictures from the ceremony turned out blurry – Jamie thinks it’s because it wasn’t bright enough, but I’m going to blame my parents and Anthony :) I have some decent pictures from the morning of and the reception after though, so I’ll pick and choose and send’em up sometime soon.