“It passed the first test – I didn’t go blind”

Well, as of today I no longer need glasses or contact lenses. I had eye surgery all of 24 hours ago (actually, a little less than that) and everything went perfectly. I was in a little bit of pain yesterday, but by the evening that was pretty well gone, and today I’m not feeling anything. Well, not entirely true, but it just feels like I have a bit of sand in my eye, nothing major. And certainly a good trade off for having, at this point, almost perfect vision already. And it’ll improve over the next 2 or 3 weeks too. This morning, for the first time since I was a little kid, I woke up and could see (well, almost, I had these patch-like things over my eyes so I don’t rub them). Greatest feeling in the world. And the best part is that I had it done at the clinic that actually invented Lasik surgery, they’re using technology that’s ahead of stuff in North America, and it only cost me about $1200 for all my appointments and the surgery, including after care for 6 months (not that I’ll be here for that, but whatever). At home it would’ve cost me somewhere around $4000 – quite the savings!

PS Saw a British show called “Street Hypnosis” last night – damn near pissed my pants when I saw a guy with road rage kick (literally) the crap out of a dummy he thought was the driver of the car in front of him.