Welcome to my new look page! This is how I spend a puente (holiday): I recreate my website. I’m such a geek!

Anyway, here’s the general update. A couple of weeks ago now, a group of us went to a place called Anapoima. Apparently there and some place in Turkey are considered by climatologists to have the best climate in the world. I’d have to agree, based on my little experience – it was beautiful. We spent most of the weekend laying around by the pool. Rough life :) If you want to see some pictures, go to my Colombia page in the menu on the left – there’s a link to my Anapoima photo album.

Next up is last weekend. Zak bought a house a couple of weeks ago, and he decided to have a housewarming party on Saturday. There ended up being about 50 people I would guess (including Piedad’s mom, which was great :) and everyone had a great time. Good thing they got vinyl flooring instead of carpet though, it would have been trashed the first time they had people over!

Finally, this past weekend (little) Nick had his 30th birthday. Some rugby buddies of his got together and rented a Chiva for the night. A Chiva is basically a party bus – it’s a bus with a big open back, seats line the outside, and there’s an open space in the middle. We load up the bus with drinks and drive around the city with loud music, drinks and dancing. It was a LOT of fun, even if it was crowded enough that you couldn’t move. Didn’t matter though, great time had by all!

Okay, I’ve done my duty. Now it’s yours – let’s hear from some of you! Leave comments whenever you want, I’d love to hear from you!

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