I need a Babelfish

Oooooooooooh, my first posting since I got down here that’s actually recent as opposed to going backwards in time a month. My messages are going to be about once a week from now on, now that I’ve settled into a fairly regular routine.

We’re now into our third week of school. Things have been going pretty well so far, no major issues. Had a bit of a hassle with one of my classes on Friday, but all is fixed and forgiven. Have I mentioned that the kids here are actually really nice kids? A bit pampered, but I’ll fix that :)

This past weekend was an interesting one. Saturday night Barbie had a little dinner party, then she, Simon and I went out to a club. Apparently the place is really trendy and often has celebrities in it – none on this night though, it was pretty quiet. In fact, there were only about 10 people in the place when we got there at 11:30. A few more showed up, but not too many. Didn’t matter though, the music was great. I had a fantastic time, it was a lot of fun.

Sunday afternoon Alan, Megan and I decided to go to a movie. We checked out CineColombia to find times and locations for movies, and we went with Goodbye Lenin. It’s a foreign film, but it’s listed as an English film with Spanish subtitles. No problem, right? WRONG. It’s actually a GERMAN film with Spanish subtitles. Now, Alan has been living in Bogota for a year, so he’s fairly good with his Spanish. Megan and I, not so much so. Our lessons don’t even start until this week (first one today!), so it was a bit of an effort. We were both able to follow along well enough to understand the story, but holy crap it was exhausting. I was ready for bed afterwards.

Done for now, more updates soon…

Oh, almost forgot. I got myself a gym membership last night – maybe if I’m in decent enough shape they’ll let me go on the trip to the Amazon in November :)