I like presents

Sometime a while a back I came across what I think is a fantastic idea. Someone had put their own personal up on their website – a list of stuff they wanted and hoped people would, out of the kindness of their heart, get for them. What a great idea, huh? So today I was sitting around watching TV and I suddenly remembered that wonderful idea, and decided to do the same for myself. So, I’ve created a wishlist for myself. There’s also a link to it on the page about me. So, if you’re feeling generous, or if you miss me so much you want to buy me something, check it out!

PS Two weeks to Galapagos, woohoo!

One thought on “I like presents

  1. Anonymous

    are you sure you’ve been updating? we’ve missed your daily reports. your frisbee reports are reeaallyy interesting!! my friends are just dying to play it!!

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